Margo M. Criscuola, Ph.D.


About Margo

Behind my literacy learning . . . 

My best work / proudest achievements
  • Reading acitivites to prepare elementary students--average and struggling readers--to discuss literature
  • Strategies for academic reading and writing for middle school
  • Classroom assessments for critical thinking
  • Evaluation studies that won certification from the U.S. Department of Education, National Staff Development Council,National Educatoin Association, and state departments of education 
  • School improvement projects in inner-city schools in Chicago, New York, other cites and some rural districts, funded by foundation and Federal grants
  • Internship program for high school students to lead book discussions with younger students (I later met one who became a teacher!) 
  • Professional development workshops for reading literature and nonfiction 
  • Walkthrough needs assessment for critical thinking 

My learning experiences

  • Teacher of summer reading/composition program for minority students entering college in the fall (Washington University)
  • Professional development developer planning and monitoring school improvement projects 
  • Curriculum developer conducting try-outs and pilots of strategies in classrooms, interviews and surveys of teachers
  • Curriculum developer reading the research and having passionate conversations with researchers
  • Consultant with university task groups on reading improvement projects (University of Illinois Chicago and Roosevelt University)
  • Literacy specialist and science instructional leader, Chicago charter school grades 6-12

Literacy learning has been and continues to be a creative collaboration with the school leaders and teachers who dream of literacy learning for their students. 

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