Margo M. Criscuola, Ph.D.


School Growth Planning & Assessment  

Laying the foundation for long-term improvement

School growth--improvement in instruction and curriculum throughout a school--requires thoughtful planning.
Start with data-rich needs assessment that drills down to what happens in the classroom:
  • The Thinking Classroom Walkthrough. Quickly take observations from multiple perspectives: teacher and student talk, assignments and assessment, student performance, engagement and attitudes. Assemble the findings for a school-wide or grade-cluster portrait of thinking instruction.
  • Teacher-Centered Needs Assessment. Collect reflections from each teacher to pinpoint action priorities among the many student and teacher needs. When teachers' identified needs are targeted first, morale and momentum build.
Craft a plan that supports all stakeholders and keeps working even as circumstances change:
  • Concrete, achievable, and clearly expressed goals, short-term and long-range
  • Practical action items for all stakeholders
  • A variety of development activities with specific objectives
  • A review of curriculum materials with appropriate criteria for changes
    Time line
  • for activities and assessment, including pause points to reflect and revise the plan
Let us assist with services tailored to your needs:
  • Independent data analysis
  • Identification and designing of assessments, and coaching on data collection
  • Think-partnering and drafting of a plan 
  • Creation of user-friendly guides, organizers and forms to help stakeholders collaborate efficiently
  • Grant-writing for external funding
Planning and assessment services can be performed long distance.     

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